Increasingly, homeowners are using the basement to add premium living space to their homes, as a home office, play room or a family recreation room. But for basements to be transformed into a luxury living space, they must be kept dry.

A dry basement not only enhances the comfort level of your home, it can also protect your home’s value and help lower energy costs. Controlling moisture in the basement can also safeguard the family from unwanted health issues.

As a benefit to the homeowner/builder, you are protected by the best warranties in the business and a reduction in moisture related call-backs.

Our spray applied waterproofing membranes and protection/drainage/insulation boards provide the ultimate moisture & thermal protection for your foundation walls.

Rub-R-Wall and Rub-R-Wall Plus Waterproofing - a lifetime of protection

Rub-R-Wall and Plus is the preferred, cost-effective waterproofing solution for the residential and commercial applications. It is a spray applied 100% seamless rubber membrane that has been specified by architects and builders on projects around the world with unsurpassed performance. It is effective for use on block and poured concrete walls.

  • Warranty - Rubber Polymer Corporation provides a lifetime limited warranty on new residential foundations.
  • Application - Rub-R-Wall is applied only by certified applicators to assure the highest quality installation.
  • Durability - Independent laboratory tests show a projected life expectancy of more than 100 years of Rub-R-Wall, even when constantly exposed to water.
  • Toughness - The rubber polymer of Rub-R-Wall provides a tough membrane designed to resist abuse and is available for applications with or without protection board.
  • Elasticity - Rub-R-Wall is incredibly elastic (over 1,800 percent elongation) to bridge shrinkage cracks.
  • Adhesion - Rub-R-Wall is formulated to adhere tenaciously to cementitious surfaces. Rub-R-Wall holds protection or drainage boards tightly with minimal mechanical fasteners.

GrayWall Waterproofing - Our most affordable waterproofing

GrayWall is an all rubber polymer product specifically designed for poured concrete foundations as a cost reducing high performance spray applied waterproofing membrane.

  • Warranty - GrayWall has a manufacturer's 20-year limited warranty and lifetime material warranty.
  • Application - GrayWall is applied as a single component spray by certified applicators to provide a seamless elasometric membrane.
  • Durability - GrayWall is durable, flexible and impermeable to water and moisture.
  • Toughness - GrayWall is engineered to provide excellent adhesion and crack bridging for the toughest residential and commercial jobs.

“PPD” Professional Pride Dampproofing - Alternative affordable moisture protection.

  • Warranty - “PPD” has a 20-year material only warranty.
  • Toughness -“PPD” Professional Pride Dampproofing is an all polymer product which combines the highest performance level of its class at an inexpensive price.
  • Adhesion - “PPD” Dampproofing’s breakthrough technology adheres to wet and frosted walls for special applications. It also contains no asphalt to contaminate our ground water.

Airtight - Air Barrier System

Rub-R-Wall Airtight is a single component, liquid applied copolymer rubber air barrier membrane. Rub-R-Wall Airtight cures to form a flexible seamless 100 percent rubber membrane which provides excellent resistance against the instrusion and diffusion air, wind, stack and vapor pressure transmission into and out of buildings. Rub-R-Wall Airtight is designed in conjunction with all sections of the building envelope to provide a continuous airtight system.

  • Applications - Applied only by certified applicators to assure the highest quality installation.
  • Durability - Low permeability to air, moisture, vapor and water
  • Toughness - Excellent adhesive properties; insulation can be attached to its sticky surface after an initial set time of approximately 1 to 2 hours
  • Adhesion - Provides 100 percent bond to prepared substrates such as masonry, concrete, drywall, plywood and rigid insulation.